Commercial Installation

RPS offers Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of various types of Aircon Systems including mechanical ventilation systems installation catering to both commercial and Private residential environment. Our project management teams have strong foundation in ACMV installation and are equipped with vast experience in project management.

Our Expertise

VRV / VRF System
Multi Split / Single Split System
Package Unit / Air-Cooled System
Mechanical Ventilation System and Ductwork

Residential Installation

RPS offers AC installation to Private and HDB homeowners in a bid to venture our business into the consumer’s world. Our Installation teams are highly qualified and certified. Equipped with the right tools and equipment, we guarantee fast and reliable aircon installation service to our customers.

Brands that we carry

RPS Do Repairs, Maintenance And Installations

Ventilation system

Mechanical ventilation. If well designed, installed and maintained, there are a number of advantages to a mechanical system.

Air conditioning unit

Air conditioners often use a fan to distribute the conditioned air to an enclosed space .

VRV system & control system

Handy area settings simplify detailed management of VRV system.


chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via a vapor-compression, Adsorption refrigeration, cycles.

Air Handling units

Air handling unit is an air system that performs functions such as circulating, cleaning, humidifying, heating, cooling or mixing of air.

Chilled water piping

It is used as a refrigerant to remove heat from the building. The chilled water circulates through a chilled water loop.

Jacketing insulation

Jacketing and Fitting Covers are used primarily as weather and UV protection for exterior pipe insulation

ACMV ducting

The ACMV installation works shall comply strictly with project specifications codes currently in force.

Construction Consultant

To meet the precise requirements of customers, we are engaged in providing Construction Consulting Service

Architectural Design

Keep up to date with architecture and design news on building announcements and new projects.

Electrical System

An electric power system is a network of electrical components deployed to supply, transfer, and use electric power

General Contracting

general contractor is a party with the responsibility to oversee a construction project .

Resconstruction Services

After a disaster our full reconstruction services can replace a wall or section of a roof entire area.

Plumbing Services

plumbing services individuals are dedicated to diagnose and rectify any fault as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our Clients